What are the challenges and how to automate maintenance properly?

One aspect of software development is often overlooked: maintaining dependencies. I won’t lie, for a long time, it was the case for me and my teams.

Why spend time on maintenance?

Keeping out-of-date dependencies will not only create incompatibilities, or look uncool. It raises two huge issues: security and performance.

Remember the Equifax breach? Well…

React/Redux File Structure for Huge Projects

What is scalability

For major projects with high stakes, scalability is the Holy Grail. Rarely fully achieved, an excellent paper breaks it down into four components.

The first three are self-explaining: load scalability, performance scalability, and space scalability.

The last one can be trickier to understand and is the one discussed today: structural…

Start all your projects quickly, nicely, and cleanly

create-react-app is an amazing tool, described as the best way to start building a new single-page application in React, inside the official documentation.

By making use of react-scripts, It offers a modern build setup with no configuration.

Enhance it

While it may well be a fantastic tool, chances are your projects always…

Allow engineers to work in the best conditions

No, I won’t be talking about cutting costs on developer’s wages. On the contrary, this won’t save you any money¹.

Let’s create a scenario: you are launching a product that requires a custom web or mobile application. To avoid spending more than necessary, what should you be careful about …

Make it quick, painless, and clean

TypeScript is a wonderful tool, but what about starting new projects?

Setting up a TypeScript project with your favorite technology, tools, plugins, and configuration can be a hassle. Fortunately, this step doesn’t have to be painful.

Starter projects

A common practice is to use a generator, template, boilerplate, or starter project.


Are you sure your JSON response has the format that you expected? What if it doesn’t?

Hello, fellow front-end developer, I hope I piqued your interest. To answer my own question: “No I’m even sure that, at some point, my endpoint will answer with a format I don’t expect”.

Motivation for Validating Request Response on the Front Side

Regardless of the technology/library/framework you are using, once you start working on a web application with a…

Untyped JavaScript, TypeScript, Flow, and PropTypes: Which one should you use?

Types of types

Mostly, statically typed languages are criticized for restricting developers. On the other hand, they’re loved for bringing early information about errors, documenting components (such as modules, methods, etc.), and now other more advanced functionalities such as auto-completion.

A preliminary study from 2009¹ on untyped languages gives us some reference on…

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